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Our Story

For the last 9 years, Bar7 has consistently provided København with the best drinks and the best atmosphere in the city. Conceived in the mind of Shane Kernan and internationally known and respected, Bar7 continues to grow and evolve with the times. We’ve gone through many designs, and ideas but one thing remains the same: our dedication to the craft and to providing excellent drinks and service to every type of guest. 

Our Employees

Bar7s employees aren’t your regular Danish bartenders nor barbacks. In fact, the entire Bar7 crew only has one single Danish employee. At Bar7 we strive to get as many cultural impressions as possible, therefore our employment is usually very international. We have staff from Greece, Romania, Spain, Ireland, The United States and Denmark.

This doesn’t just directly affect the international atmosphere but it also inspires our bartenders to come up with more interesting cocktails with roots to their home countries.

Our Bars

We strongly believe that to be successful, one must continue to grow and to challenge one’s self. Please visit one of our other projects and check back for our next concept coming soon.

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